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As we navigate the transition from lockdown to “the new normal”, I have released a five-day video series of tips to help companies navigate the transition from lockdown to “the new normal”. Check out the videos below...

Part 1: Why every business needs a purpose


Does your business have a purpose and has it changed in the last few months?  In its simplest form, a purpose is your sense of being. It’s an amalgamation of your vision, mission and values.   Companies who have a strong purpose are able to pull on the unity of their workforce to pivot around customer and market demands. A strong, clearly defined purpose connects your people and has a direct impact on “the way things are done around here” (the organisational culture).

Part 2: Leveraging value in your business


In these turbulent times, what do you need to be good at? What creates the most value in your business?  What do you need to be good at to achieve the things you want to achieve?  I believe now is a good time to think about and review the key processes, systems, teams and people skills you need to really create value in your business. 

Part 3: Creating security for your people


There is no “one size fits all” approach to navigating the “new normal” as it will inevitably vary across different geographies and sectors. Having said that, there are broadly four categories of worker that companies are now going to be thinking about;

(i) the people who never left the workplace;

(ii) the people who may not return at all; (iii) the initial returners, and;

(iv) the following returners.


Check out the video here for more information.

Part 4: Why the way you behave now will affect your future talent pool      


What you do now (and how you do it) will ultimately have a significant and direct impact on how you are perceived as a business in the future. On a very basic level, employer brand exists whether you like it or not. It’s essentially the reputation you have as an employer.  A strong employer brand helps you compete for the best talent and directly impacts on your business’s reputation. 

Part 5: Communicate, communicate, communicate!


Communicate, communicate, communicate. I can’t say it enough. With more and more of us working remotely and with some teams dispersed across different geographies and time zones, effective communication is fundamental in ensuring teams continue to feel connected with the organisational purpose. 

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